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Circular Economy. Guide for SME’s


This volume aims to present the Circular Economy to understand its origin, principles and benefits. The book presents a methodology to systematically approach the transition from a circular to a linear business model. The guide is structured in four chapters that offer several steps to help organizations on their way to the Circular Economy (EC). The chapters are:
01. Transition to CE,
02. Fields of Action of the CE,
03. Implementation Methodology,
04. Tools for the Development of CE.
The methodology shows a number of steps designed to an improvement cycle:
1. Diagnosis,
2. Opportunity analysis,
3. Implementation plan,
4. Evaluation and feedback.
Both for the diagnosis and for the analysis of opportunities, the guide asks some questions and lines of reflection to facilitate companies the adoption of the Circular Economy in their business lines, collected in Chapter 3. In Chapter 4, Tools for the Development of the CE, the guide presents 34 tools, classified according to the opportunities scheme outlined in the previous chapter. This episode includes a description of each tool, its objective, how to apply it and a real example of its application.

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Título: Circular Economy. Guide for SME’s
Autor: Carmen Jaca García
Editorial: EUNSA
Edición: 2019 (1ª.Edicion)
Colección: Fuera de Colección
Páginas: 96
ISBN: 978-84-313-3383-6

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